Most of us will only visit a dentist when push comes to shove and when all other home remedies have failed.Why are we all prone to this universal behavior whether we are young or old,man or woman,child or adult,educated or not no matter where we come from the fear of the dentist unites us. But let me tell you like most things that we do with a herd mentality get us nowhere let’s try an break away from this primitive trend and embrace what the new dental experience has to offer us. Maybe our last dental visit dated back to the premillennial era and taking a look at the latest that dentistry has to offer in the new age maybe worthwhile and eventually inevitable.


The last time we went to a “regular” dentist we only remember being in a small dingy cubicle with bright lights in our eyes. A no frills place established in the prehistoric era with no attention to how it made you feel.The growing number of new dental offices are ensuring that they cater to a warm friendly ambience that puts you at ease. Remember those gory pictures of teeth and jaws that made your anxiety mount as you waited your turn,thankfully they’ve been left behind for the prehistoric era. You can now look forward to a chic interior with welcoming staff and a place that could double up as just about anything from a salon to a corporate office – focus being putting you at ease and making you feel comforted.



Those terrible metal braces used to be like barbed wires earlier, used to leave us looking like robots and feeling sore and blistered,are now smooth precise and sophisticated tiny machines with biophysics to precisely work on the teeth and not damage any other tissues. More esthetic options have arrived with people not even realising you are wearing braces.The ceramic ones are tooth coloured looking camouflaged on your tooth structure, the clear aligners can be removed and barely seen as they fit snugly on and the lingual ones go at the back of your teeth. Contrary to popular belief that braces are only for kids they’re actually meant for people at all ages.




The fear of needles has led to the development of technology that have either changed the way injections are given – like the digital anesthetic making  the needle almost undetectable or even completely needle free injection which are like pressure jets used to numb the area. Numerous efforts have been made to ensure that needles and injections are absolutely painless now.




The other most dreaded machine is the dental drill.The drill is on its evolutionary extinction in the dental office as lasers have arrived.Currently drills and lasers are used intermittently but eventually research proves they will be used solely.The drills now even come with buttons that can stop the drill when you please. Remember the time when your dentist said just raise your hand when you want me to stop well no need you have the button and you can stop the dentist when you like.




Going under the knife can seem scary to the bravest of us.What if that concept changed and we could now just go under a laser light – well it has-a light that heals or reshapes the tissue vs a knife that cuts off the tissue is what we have now.So be it a gum infection or even lightening dark gums can be as easy as ever.



Tune in to hear about more developments at your dental clinic in our next article. Why would you want to miss out on that wonderful smooth & fresh smile that you can only get after a visiting the dentist? Call us at 9209200024 to book your appointment.