Gums bleed as a sign of inflammation in response to bacteria, says Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra, a prosthodontist.

Research proves that around 85% of the Indian population has gum disease in some form and the first tell-tale sign of gum trouble is bleeding gums. Gums bleed as a sign of inflammation in response to bacteria. If we can arrest gum diseases at this stage which is also called gingivitis or inflammation of gums, then we can rest assured that we can significantly reduce the impact of gum disease.


Hygiene plays a big role in keeping away inflammation-causing bacteria and some of the best methods of hygiene include flossing between teeth. This doesn’t necessarily mean the thread that is used to clean between teeth but interdental cleaning can also be achieved by waterjets and floss sticks which are easier to use and control. Keeping gums clean is one of the best ways to stop bleeding.

Bad breath has been masked often by the use of mouthwash, but when using mouthwash specifically for your bleeding gums – make sure it contains an agent called “chlorhexidine”. This is responsible for killing the bacteria and ensuring your teeth remain in a healthy condition in their absence.

Besides hygiene, there is also a condition of vitamin deficiency that can cause your gums to weaken become tender and bleed. A vitamin C deficiency called scurvy is one of the main reasons for profuse gum bleeding – eating foods rich in vitamin C, especially citrus fruits or even using oral supplements can result in long-lasting gum health improvement in addition to better overall immunity. B vitamins and iron are others that can be kept in check when facing prolonged gum bleeding despite good hygiene.

If you happen to have a tendency of having sensitive or fragile gums that bleed no matter what then ensuring a good massage routine can actually strengthen your gums. Just a gentle finger massage can work wonders in strengthening your gum fibers and also promoting circulation in the area. This massage is carried out in circular motions ensuring you massage closest to the junction between your teeth and gums. Often this is carried out with medication or even plain salt water to ensure proper disinfection.

When all else fails a dental cleaning will definitely help bring your gum bleeding under control. This is a very simple dental procedure when your dentist cleans below your gums causing any deposits of plaque and calculus.

Do not ignore gum bleeding as this could be a sign for bigger problems in your gums and underlying bone and must be dealt with at the earliest with these simple solutions.

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