6 Hacks to Get Rid of Bad Breath Forever

Bad breath is the bane of our times!
One of the most common and embarrassing dental complaints which you’re not even sure you should be asking your dentist about!
Also called halitosis this ailment is not really considered a medical condition but it definitely needs you to pay attention to some aspects of your health and lifestyle! Let’s see some simple solutions to ensure you’re never at the giving or receiving end of bad breath.

Oral hygiene measures
Most of us assume we are doing everything we can to stop bad breath but is this really a fact? Are we using the right brush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss? The most neglected factor in oral hygiene is tongue cleaning. The deposits that accumulate on the tongue are what really cause bacterial breakdown and odour. Ensure your tongue is a healthy pink color with no white deposits with the help of a simple plastic or metal tongue cleaner or even brushing your tongue with your soft bristle toothbrush works just as well.

A common cause of bad breath despite the best oral care is the fact that you are dehydrated and the breakdown products in your gut are releasing odours in your mouth. Keeping your mouth and system moist by frequently sipping water drastically reduces the occurrence of bad breathe. Hydration must be by natural means and not aerated beverages.

Gastric Ailments
Your digestive health plays a big role in keeping your bad breath problems at bay after all the oral cavity is a part of the digestive tract. Gastric reflux plays a role in bad breathe ensuring taking the right supplements like probiotics and antacids to maintain healthy flora in the gut can reduce bad breath simultaneously ensuring better digestive functioning.

Certain medical conditions require medications that may release breakdown products which release bad smells as a side effect such as any ammonia or ketone based products. Discontinuing or substitution of these medicines or even combatting side effects with healthier eating and good oral hygiene can reduce the intensity of symptoms.

Dental Problems
Untreated dental areas like decayed teeth and diseased gums can increase the chances of bad breath due to the reservoirs of bacteria that are hard at work releasing gases and toxins that smell terrible.The odour is just a milder byproduct of the massive destruction that’s at play in the oral environment. Restoring your oral cavity by filling decayed teeth and treating gum disease will go a long way in saving your teeth and smile but also relieve you of this persistent problem once and for all.

Smoking is one of the most notorious habits implicated in bad breath. However smokers In general are extremely paranoid about overcompensating for this by overindulging in the use of breath sprays, tongue mists, mouthwashes and chewing gums to mask the smell. An easier alternative would just be to quit the habit and reverse the effects.
Due to the rampant nature of this problem a variety of medicines,home remedies,natural or Ayurvedic solutions and a host of over the counter products are available to suppress the symptom of bad breath.
But we do hope this article helps you understand the real causes of bad breath and eliminate them permanently instead of resorting to any quick fixes!