Dr. Diksha Batra has been educating Dentists and sharing her vast experience in the field of dentistry since 2012. The aim is to help dentists excel by bridging the gap between clinical knowledge and real-world application to patient care. The hallmark of each course that she offers is the individual customization before the course and a detailed roadmap as you finish so you can take action and raise your standards in dentistry and in life.

She has successfully conducted courses on Transform – Enhanced Personal Skills in Dentistry which will help you equip on skills that you missed in college.

With the Medical Emergencies course, she covers medical emergencies topics like Basic Life Support, Heart Attack, Anaphylaxis, Syncope, Hypoglycemia to equip the dentist to handle any emergency that may occur at their practice. In her recent endeavor, She has collaborated with American Heart Association and conducts courses at her centre.



Are you plagued by the constant hurdles of recruitment and training? When in fact you could use all that time to upgrade your skills as a dentist or even spend that precious time growing your practice. Imagine becoming a dentist without a single day in dental school.

  • How many mistakes would we make?

  • How much would we get corrected by our superiors till we lose our confidence and want to quit

And yet every day, our support staff puts up with our high-handedness and survives & stays on. While they do a decent job as it is. Imagine how well they would fiction with formal training that helps them see the entire picture, practice and get perfect!


A medical emergency in the dental office may be an unexpected event that can include accidental, respiratory and circulatory disturbances, as well as allergic reactions.

Dentists should be familiar with the prevention, diagnosis, and management of common emergencies. In addition, they should provide appropriate training to their staff so that each person knows what to do and can act promptly. Dentists and their staff should be prepared to recognize, respond and effectively manage a medical emergency.


“One of a kind” course that focuses on skills that many dentists would not think they need but they should not be functioning without. Establish your aims & objectives with what you want to achieve or how far you want to reach. Remove the barriers, learn & improve yourself every day. With the help of direct experiences and training achieve the desired results.


The book takes you through the challenges faced by Dentists and other healthcare practitioners at the onset of a Pandemic. While we are all on our way back to adjusting to the new normal, we are facing numerous challenges and are left with a number of questions on how safe are we being?

How much is enough? How much is too much? Let’s Reset aims at providing dentists and other healthcare practitioners, an absolutely “Painfree” Roadmap to reopening their clinics and abiding by new procedures and processes. Together let’s make people smile again.