When was the last time someone complimented you for having a gorgeous smile? The good news is that you can now get your misshapen, chipped or crooked teeth to look good. Thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry, you can get the smile you want at Smile Essentials. Our services are quick, painless and surprisingly affordable. Few treatments to choose from

1. Bleaching: Helps lighten teeth that have been stained, discoloured or darkened. There are two ways to professionally bleach teeth. One to apply a bleaching solution at the clinic or with a custom-made bleaching tray that you wear for a couple of hours at home for 1 to 6 days.

2. Re-contouring: If your teeth have mild flaws in shape, they can be slightly contoured. The process is usually quick and painless to make teeth look more aligned and symmetrical.

3. Bonding: Mild discrepancies like gaps,crooked,broken or decayed teeth can all be corrected by tooth fillings that is bonded or moulded to an ideal shape,size and colour onto your teeth.

4. Veneers: Are thin,tooth-coloured shells that cover the front of your teeth. These work the same way as nail extensions or cosmetic lens giving you the perfect shape and colour that you desire without sacrificing your natural teeth. The process usually involves two or three visits at SE.

5. Braces: Recent advances are almost invisible, less painful and fast acting.We are regularly treating adults as people refuse to compromise and settle with a crooked smile.

6. Dental Implants: Dental implants are fixed artificial substitutes that replace missing teeth permanently without damaging any other teeth. They’re much more secure and natural looking than dentures or bridgework.

If you’re feeling somewhat self-conscious about your teeth or just want a more beautiful smile, call us at 7045497915 or email us at info@thepainfreedentist.co.in