At Dr Diksha Batra – The Painfree Dentist, we believe elderly dental care requires a different mindset and training. So we specilaise in a host of treatments meant just for the elderly. for the home bound senior citizen we also have customized home visits to ensure they can be treated in the comfort of their home. Good health reflects in a healthy smile.

Tooth or Root Decay: You should come in every 6 months to get a profession cleaning which will clean your teeth at and below the gum line and the root surfaces to remove plaque and bacteria from these areas and make them smooth and clean. As we all grow older, certain health concerns earn our full attention, especially the importance of oral health for We may not realize but dental disease can affect the health of other teeth and reduce our chewing efficiency which can lead to long term issues especially in case of elderly individuals thus increasing their chances drastically for emergency dental care. Dental care at all ages is very important and here is a list of treatments especially for the elderly to keep their teeth and smile lasting longer than ever

Sensitive Teeth: A number of factors cause tooth sensitivity, including brushing too aggressively with a hard-bristled toothbrush, worn tooth enamel and a cracked or fractured tooth. Proper brushing with extra soft or soft bristles toothbrush and using desensitizing toothpaste, can gradually minimize that sensitivity.

Crowns: May be used to protect a decayed tooth, strengthen teeth, restores a broken tooth or to replace a missing tooth.

Missing or extracted teeth: Raise common concerns of infection, but the proper replacement is the key to a confident smile.

Option 1 – Traditional Bridgework One main issue we have with traditional fixed bridges is that if either of the two anchor teeth become compromised, you don’t lose one tooth–you lose the whole bridge.

Option 2 – Implants Dental implants are more durable than bridges, allowing them to provide protection that lasts a lifetime.The entire class on the types, benefits, indications, implications of dental implants is somehow missed and all we have is myths that are widely believed without scientific basis and customizing to your own case. This is exactly why when one hears a cost attached to this procedure they have no basis to rationalize this as cheap or expensive other than the last quote they heard or saw online.

Options 3 – Partial Dentures These are good options for partially missing teeth when the patient is not a good candidate for dental.

Option 4 – Dentures Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are formed to your mouth and created by your dentists to replace lost or missing natural teeth.