Having fun at the Dental office


An infant develops teeth at 6 months age and can be in the teething phase as late as 2.5 years of age.This period is followed by 4 years of using and protecting milk teeth.At age 6 the transition of milk teeth changing into permanent teeth begins and goes on up to the age of almost 12 years.

Chances are most of us haven’t visited the dentist until we were well into our teens or even in our twenties and even if we had to earlier it wasn’t an entirely memorable experience.This is why most parents believe there’s no need to bring their child unless there’s a problem.There are many others who have now started bringing their children early on to prevent the same experiences or dental problems they’ve had.

So the right age to bring in a child for a check up is as early as 6 months-within 1 year of age when teeth start to develop and problems such as teething may arise.

It is at this stage that 3 things need to happen:

  • Parents need to know how to care for their infants emerging teeth.
  • They may need help with teething the first few months.
  • Most importantly the child needs to start getting comfortable with the environment sights sounds and smells of the dental office.

So if you do make it to the clinic with your infant a delightful array of experiences are awaiting you and your child.Forget the conventional dental experience. The children these days are greeted with a host of pleasant surprises as they refuse to leave the clinic as amazed mothers are comfortably counselled about how to handle the toughest issues. From making brushing fun to looking out for cavities and bad habits to watch out for moms know it all by the time they walk out of this experience.

Our Happy Patient Mommy Patient Shreya Lamba shares her experience:

“Just visited smile essentials – a dental clinic in Khar with my three year old…Dr. Diksha there was unbelievable with my little one. They have a TV on the ceiling, balloons and the works coupled with such a soft and friendly approach. Floored!!! ”

Technology – Painless dentistry is officially here -with the right equipment kids are no longer feeling the needles and drills that we grew up seeing !

Activities – Instead of the usual humdrum dental visit kids are now greeted with a bunch of exciting and fun activities from play dates to engaging and entertaining games kids have it all to distract them from what would otherwise seem like a never ending ordeal.Children and parents now associate dentistry more with fun than the erstwhile dreaded pain and that morose patient like feeling.

Rewards – Rewarding kids always works but doing it right is what matters.When they have behaved and cooperated  looked after their dental health they get exciting prizes and fun treats all to do with reinforcing their brushing habits and making dental health exciting for them!

What was your first memory of going to the dentist ? What age were you ? How do you rate your dental health as a result of this delay ?

Please reply in the comments below we would love to know more about your dental journey so far !