Change the patient’s perception of dentistry from a painful ordeal to an indulgent experience by using technological advancements and emphasize the importance of preventive dentistry.


Be the pioneer in pain-free dental care for phobic and anxious patients and be the best in providing highest quality dental care to patients.


The practice was built to bring a radical shift on people’s perception of dentistry. Since over a decade, we have been managing dental fears,one smile at a time.


We have a dedicated team of specialized doctors in the field of General and Specialised Dentistry providing treatment solutions for the young, the aged and the entire family.

Latest Dental Technology

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How we do it?

We create a customised dental experience based on your unique dental history with an ambiance to comfort you,the latest technology and the highest standards of infection control.

Why us?

Millions fear the dentist,but through our pain free approach we ensure that meeting the dentist is something you look forward to.

What we do ?

We aim at providing a comfortable and relaxing dental treatment experience that is affordable and accessible by the means of latest advancements in dentistry.

Who we are?

Revolutionary in the field of oral healthcare, a state of the art dental clinic focused on spreading smiles the pain-free way.

Vital Dental Clinic

Our Services

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Our Health Partners

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