We grew up and lived with crooked teeth probably avoiding the terrible looking braces. Those days are over and you no longer need to live with a less than perfect smile. In a world where we can get everything fake from implants to extensions getting your natural teeth straightened is hardly even cosmetic, it’s a procedure now done to improve the longevity of your teeth in your jaws. Here, at Smile Essentials we offer a myriad of esthetic options to achieve an even more esthetic result. Ceramic (tooth colored) braces This option is using the camouflage principle where the braces are made to almost merge with the color of your teeth so they appear less visible. Being fixed these work within a very quick time frame exerting pressure where needed.

Lingual braces (behind your teeth) braces These are metal braces that go at the back of your teeth so that no one can see them except you can feel them. People who prefer not to highlight their correction opt for these and usually adjust very well to them except a few who find it inconvenient to speak and eat. Dr Batra states that this might be the best option for people with a career in the limelight- models, celebrities, TV or media personalities or someone who is just plain conscious.

Invisible (Removable plastic) braces  This option seems to be catching on the most attention as the idea of wearing braces when you want and getting rid of them at a party or an important event is definitely appealing. There are multiple varieties in the market which even cost a lot but only a few certified ones bring you the results. Since they come as ready trays in a sequence opting to visit your doctor only once every 2 months is also a popular option for people who travel excessively. No matter the option you choose remember we promise beautiful braces to eventually get to beautiful teeth!