Visiting a dentist can be very daunting. A majority of us would rather undergo any form of torture than go to a dentist. Visiting a dentist before your teeth hurt can make it a smooth and pleasant routine checkup appointment. With modern amenities and warm welcoming interiors, we employ the following practices to make your entire dental experience as pain free as possible.

(A) NO MORE INJECTIONS If the fear of a needle is what’s keeping you away from the dental office then think again as we numb you with as little as just a paste, spray or solution which is digitally controlled and doesn’t require an injection for its delivery.

(B) NO MORE DRILLING The sound of the drill can create fear and anxiety in the patient’s mind. We now use laser energy and a gentle spray of water to perform a wide range of dental procedures.

(C) BLADE FREE SURGERIES A surgery can be completely pain-free with little or no bleeding, immediate recovery, no stitches and no swellings having you back at work (or play) almost instantly.

(D) QUICK & EASY ROOT CANALS Root canal treatment is probably more dreaded than even removal of a tooth. Automated technologies make root canals completely painless, precise, quick and smooth in as little as just one session.

(E) RELAXING MEDICATION We now choose from a variety of medication ranging from oral drugs to breathing gases through a mask, that can relieve your anxiety during the procedure to a point that you no longer perceive or detect pain.