• Are you a little nervous about a visit to the dental office?
  • Do you worry about it days or weeks before the appointment?
  • Are you someone who is actuallyterrified about dental treatment and worries about it all the time?

Don’t worry!! You can come to Dr Diksha Batra – the Painfree Dentist without getting nervous as it is a comfortable, relaxed, calm place where you can easily get your dental treatment done painlessly.

We have advanced dental equipments and tricks to handle your dental phobia and make your visit a memorable experience for the right reasons. Through our multi-sensoryapproach, we ensure that we calm each of your 5 senses to communicate anxiety relief so you never hate going to the dentist again. While many claims to be pain free we have made a full proof method be it psychological,physical or technological to give you the care, comfort you need without pain being part of the deal.

Our goal is to communicate with the patient and provide the patient with the optimal care in a relaxed environment in a painfree manner.

  • The doctors take the time to discuss your concerns and provide all the options available for your treatment.
  • If you’re anxious or phobic we ensure that you have all your concerns addressed before you visit the clinic.
  • We try to identify the things that may be difficult for you. People are usually scared of particular things like for some of maybe the sound of the drill, for others the water in their mouth so we ensure and understand what’s most unacceptable to you so that we are cautious and customize your treatment.
  • We recommend a tele consult to discuss your particular concerns before making the appointment. Our staff is selected and further trained to provide the patients with compassionate, friendly and empathetic care.

We have an array of services to calm your nerves before getting a dental treatment.Nitrous oxide, sometimes called “laughing gas,” is one option to help make you more comfortable during certain procedures. It is not intended to put you to sleep and you will be able to hear and respond to any requests or directions the dentist may have. We also offer oral sedation dentistry which maintains a level of consciousness but relaxes a patient to sit through the treatment.