5 Reasons Why Dental Checkups Are Essential.

Here are 5 compelling reasons why Dental checkups are important:

1. Preventive Catching the problem small is prudent. If you had to get a cavity filled, wouldn’t you rather have it done earlier? Wouldn’t you rather clean your gums before pus and bleeding sets in? Isn’t bad breathe better cured beforehand than after an embarrassing episode? Discussing your specific issue with a dentist can help you deal with it quickly and painlessly. The biggest benefit of dealing with dental issues is the huge cost savings that you end up making Now that’s motivation enough for me!

2. Health Issues Detected A little-known fact about dental checkups is that they give us a lot of information about a patient’s general health. Diabetes, vitamin and iron deficiencies in heart conditions, hormonal imbalances can all be detected in the mouth itself. Even deadly diseases like HIV and cancer also show up in the mouth alerting us of their existence and timely detection.

3. Getting the most out of your Oral Care Routine When visiting a dentist, questions that often cross your mind about the best toothbrush or toothpaste and whether to floss or not are best cleared. Double checking if you are doing all that you need to can be yet another reason to get a dental checkup. Most of us either forget or avoid this discussion but knowing the perfect oral care routine can definitely keep you safe and healthy. Most parents must ask these questions for their child’s oral care routine.

4. Detecting hidden problems  Most of us don’t even know we have dental problems since we have no pain we assume all is well but is it? With the latest in dental technology, we have equipment that can detect decay by a single beep, smile analysis reveals problem areas in your smile and how you can achieve an attractive smile by correcting those specific issues. Your occlusal or bite analysis reveals future problems with your jaws and muscles. Alignment of your teeth (orthodontic analysis), when analyzed, can also reveal how long your teeth will remain healthy in their current position or if you need to push them to more favourable positions with braces or aligners to make them last longer.

5. Emergency Averted The one thing I believe that unites all dental patients and can be a motivation to drag yourself to a dental appointment is the impending doom of sudden pain and a dental emergency. Excruciating dental nerve pain is one of the most common dental emergencies and it arises due to years of neglect when decay in our teeth proceeds to hit the nerves and causes us to take immediate action. Emergencies arising out of injuries are also mostly preventable like sports injuries that cause teeth breakage or damage can be avoided by wearing a mouth guard. Road traffic accidents causing jaw fractures are equally commonplace leading to jaw injuries but these can also be avoided by wearing helmets.

So whatever be your reasons for holding back from a checkup at least one of these reasons should motivate you to make your to that comfortable dental chair to meet your friendly local dentist!