Bleaching as the name suggests is the process of brightening teeth or whitening teeth using a bleaching gel. Teeth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove discolouration which cannot be removed by a regular cleanup procedure.

The reasons for your teeth turning yellow may range from

  • Your diet
  • Your habits (tea, coffee, wine, smoking)
  • Aging teeth

No matter what the reason one of the most popular solutions is that of teeth whitening.

To get and maintain good results you have to maintain good oral hygiene and regular 6 monthly clean up. Avoid stained food, beverages, and tobacco. You can also opt for customized bleaching trays to do a mild teeth whitening maintenance procedure at home to maintain the shade. Teeth whitening/bleaching is harmless when done under supervision with the right concentration, duration and frequency of bleach based on your individual tooth type. It can be harmful or have side effects incase when done with over the counter products or with self-unsupervised use.