The Painfree Dentist

MDS in Prosthodontics, FICOI | Clinical Director "Smile Essentials"
Founder "Angel Dentists Network"

Dr. Diksha Batra is a prosthodontist by education and a clinician practicing for over a decade in Mumbai, India. A decade of rich and diverse dental experience led her to pioneer the unique field of Pain-free dentistry in India. She is fondly called The Painfree Dentist” for pioneering work in eradicating dental phobia.

Her award-winning practice is home to thousands of national & international patients and was ranked amongst the top three dental clinics in Mumbai as per the “Times All India Lifestyle Hospital & Clinic Ranking Survey.

Dr Diksha

Dr. Diksha Batra is also the founder of “Angel Dentists Network” – India’s First All Dental NGO. A platform for dentists to give back to the underprivileged sections of society with their time and skills. In their latest endeavor of “Making India Smile” they collected 50000 dental kits to be distributed to the underprivileged section of the society who don’t have access to the basic requirements to maintain good oral hygiene.

Her passion to teach and share, led her to establish “RYS University” – a unique education platform that trains doctors in non-technical life skills.

Her experience of managing staff across three companies for several years has led her to create systems and training which have transformed a team of skilled working professionals in her team. The “Dental Assistant Training Program” is her endeavor to share these systems in a way that all practitioners may optimize their teams and build better dental homes for their patients.

She has founded RYS University which is a landmark concept in Dental Education. The aim is to help dentists excel by bridging the gap between clinical knowledge and real-world application to patient care. The hallmark of each course is the individual customization before the course and a detailed roadmap as you finish so you can take action and raise your standards in dentistry and in life.

She has successfully conducted courses on Transform – Enhanced Personal Skills in Dentistry which will help you equip on skills that you missed in college.

With the Medical Emergencies course, she covers medical emergencies topics like Basic Life Support, Heart Attack, Anaphylaxis, Syncope, Hypoglycemia to equip the dentist to handle any emergency that may occur at their practice. In her recent endeavor, She has collaborated with American Heart Association and conducts courses at her centre.

She has also recently founded WiDeN – Women In Dentistry Education Network, is a platform created exclusively for Women Dentists. It is a group of dental professionals committed to inspiring and engaging more women in dentistry. We wanted to start this open platform where we as women dentists can share, engage, exchange notes, case studies, instances and learn from each other’s experiences. Look forward to hearing and learning from each one of you!

Looking forward to connecting with you all in the group.

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Mr. Batra is a Postgraduate in Management from IMT Ghaziabad & has completed his Bachelors in Business Administration. He has helped establish Smile Essentials as a brand and is responsible for the operations and finances of the brand. He is an advanced scuba diver and a fitness enthusiast.


Dr. Mansi is a talented dentist with an eye for details and patience to match.Dr Mansi enjoys interacting with patients and treating families and is very keen on promoting prevention and oral health.


Ankita is one of our oldest employees not in age but seniority. Completing 7 years of service with the clinic, she has seen the practice grow with time and her efforts have contributed to the success and growth of SE.


Besides being a meticulous chair assistant, Simran also handles all the laboratory work and ensures that everything arrives on time so the treatment is done in the stipulated time.


Pooja Vaity is keen on branding Smile Essentials along with bringing up the creative depth to this management. Ensuring details to perfection and bringing up an amazing output to all design requirements.


Preeti has joined Dr. Diksha Batra – ThePainfree Dentist with a vision to uplifting the growth of our brand and having more people come and experience the huge paradigm shift that our dental care has undergone.


Kalpita Bhalerao is a great chairside assistant and is an efficient supply manager. She ensures the right supplies and equipment are available for all of your treatments and subsequent appointments.


Komal being our junior dental assistant ensures that assisting goes to perfection, on time & she maintains great teamwork with strong coordination to the team.