3 Secrets to Making Flossing Simpler

If you have been struggling with that thread we dentists call floss, it’s time you stopped and switched to something way easier. Here are 3 powerful secrets to making flossing easier and a few simple steps to making you cavity proof !! Let’s understand why dentists think flossing is sooo necessary. We all are aware of the fact that merely brushing is not going to protect our teeth especially with the kind of diets we have with processed foods and high sugar content in our foods.Floss when used properly tends to reach places where a normal brush does not and dislodging this processed food breaks up the bacterial buildup so decreasing cavities.

For people who have crowded teeth or a high tendency for decay flossing and other means of dental care become a huge priority if they don’t want to end up in the dental chair frequently paying large bills.While we may not want cavities the option of flossing seems extremely daunting. So let’s say we can have our cake and eat it too maybe we can better clean between teeth and at the same time not have to worry about flossing. A few devices that make our life simpler.

Floss Stick  A pocket friendly tool it is a floss thread mounted on a U – Shaped soft plastic stick which can easily go between your teeth without getting tangled. It is also more controlled as you can handle it better and so gums don’t get injured and bleed as they may with bad technique with a regular floss. These are disposable and should be used for all teeth at one time with rinsing the plaque of in between.Best is to stand and in front of a mirror and start off with the front teeth and then move to the back as u get better with technique.

Power Flossing  The digital or power flosser makes for some powerful bacteria dispelling action. It’s a small pen like device that has changeable flexible tips that go between teeth and dislodge trapped food and debris which is then washed away by rinsing or brushing. If you’re still not convinced of the manual technique then going automatic makes perfect sense.The biggest advantage is the speed and ease of use for all ages .

Water Flossing If you don’t want anything going between your teeth and want to eliminate all chances of poking and bleeding your gums,then the water flosser is for you as this is the best just a water jet cleaning between your teeth and all around your mouth.   The benefit is you just need to hold it against your teeth allowing the water jet to spray out all the trapped food and bacteria. So easy to use and portable and family versions allow it to be cost effective as well. This pressure jet comes with tips that can suit your use like a seperate tip for tongue cleaning and even cleaning between braces.

A great smile is priceless so practicing good oral care is Homelike making an investment that will pay out in the  long term.